We provide a personalised tax advisory service to help you manage your tax affairs effectively and efficiently.  We are here to help you manage your tax affairs and keep up to date with legislative changes.  We offer tax solutions for our clients and their businesses on a wide range of taxation issues.

Our personal and international tax services include:

  • Personal tax planning

  • Domicile and residency issues

  • Expatriate tax issues

  • UK Inheritance Tax issues

  • Property tax issues – including the Non Resident Landlord Scheme

  • Offshore tax issues

  • Tax Compliance and Self-Assessment Tax Returns for UK residents and non-UK residents


We support you and are by your side every step of the way when dealing with HMRC queries or formal investigations.  We limit your involvement (if any) with HMRC and ensure that the process is as stress free as possible from beginning to end.  We use our experience and expertise in this industry to find creative solutions for your day-to-day and complex problems.

Our tax dispute resolution services include:

  • Voluntary disclosures, including the Digital Disclosure Service and the Worldwide Disclosure Facility

  • HMRC tax enquiries and penalty notices

  • Code of practice 8 (COP 8) complex investigations

  • Contractual Disclosure Facility - Code of practice 9 (COP 9) fraud investigations

  • Non-domicile queries

  • Providing advice to other professionals such as accountants and lawyers to resolve issues with their clients

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Time to Pay arrangements with HMRC


Business and investment between the UK and Israel is booming.  We provide advisory services to support Israeli individuals and companies to launch and build their UK business activities and assist UK and overseas individuals and companies in establishing a presence in Israel.  We work with experts (lawyers, banks, accountants and other intermediaries) on the ground in Israel and pride ourselves as being at the forefront of new UK/Israel tax developments.
We admire start-ups and entrepreneurs and want you to capitalise on our expertise and strong knowledge of both the UK and Israeli markets to help make your ventures successful.

Our UK/Israel consultancy services include:

  • Advice on tax efficient structures for start-ups (including the available investment incentives in the UK)

  • Tax planning for individuals moving to Israel (Olim Hadashim)

  • Resolving UK/Israel tax issues

  • Resolving bank compliance issues involving the UK and Israel

  • Business development and strategy consultancy for new businesses and start-ups